• We now have a 100% ORGANIC eggs policy thoughout our menus

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    Khun Laak's warm welcome

    Executive Chef

    100% Organic eggs policy across all our menus


    Dear Members,

    Welcome to our recently updated International and Thai Menus for all the outlets.

    Since the last update, the contents have been trimmed to try to best serve you and enable the kitchen to offer a good range of dishes. You will see useful markings for V vegetarian, GF gluten free, as well as NEW for new menu items in order to assist you in choosing your meals.

    The Rice cost has been removed from the Thai Cuisine Selection with you now being able to order the quantity and type of rice you desire. There is also a 3 level Spicy Hot option for all marked dishes

    We are still offering our Healthy Menus, a selection of dishes designed to maximise health from both ingredients and preparation. Dietary advice, calorific ratings and other information has all been supplied by the nutritionists at BNH Hospital and this appears on the Healthy Menus which are changed at each week to give a wide selection during the month.

    The popular Business Luncheons (11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri) are specially chosen and priced for quick midday dining. This menu is also changed each week

    Poolside menus include the Khao Glong specials, a selection of Thai dishes served normally with brown rice. Weekly changes are made in this menu to widen the variety offered.

    Special Promotions are shown on the boards and displays around the club and include

    B.C.Burger Menu with a large choice of burgers styles which use only imported meats for maximum enjoyment

    Daily Specials a 1 2 or 3 course option displayed on the board throughout the day for you to enjoy

    Khun Laak Recommends Menu is regularly changed with some interesting dishes created from within our own kitchen.

    Various Food and Drink specials are also displayed from time to time

    As value for money is important to everyone, our prices are listed including service and taxes so you know exactly what you will be charged from the start. (7% VAT/10%service/2%GST)

    My team and I continually look to maintain quality and improve selection, so your comment, ideas and general feedback are welcome and can be sent to menu@britishclubbangkok.org for our consideration.

    We hope you all enjoy meals here at the British Club and look forward to the opportunity to serve you often in the future.

    Happy Eating

    Khun Laak (Executive Chef) e.&o.e.